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portrait carreA conventionnal presentation would not reflect the image of the gallery and its artists. I prefer to share a few anecdotes that will allow you to understand the particularity of "Bouillon d'art".

I created the gallery in 2009, the location was the trigger for a heart stroke. This 17th century building was a library of old books that marked the life of many people from Bordeaux, the name "Books and Curios" is still there and you can discover an "Off room" remained in its juice, a true artwork. This place deserved a name full with meaning, so what is more natural than paying tribute to my children. My son Loïc was 3 years old when he said while looking at some boiling water, with crayons in his hand :"If I put the pencil, it will smell colors"... Bouillon d'art, "boiling art", was born.

Artists easily appropriates this location, a showcase for their artwork, a place that looks like them.

Each featured artist is a heart stroke; the choices are eclectic but they are all a part of my sensibility. Representing an artist, is not just loving the artwork, it is also experiencing and enjoying the human being in his humanity and speaking in what is deep within him. I would not betray the artist by saying that everything is about an encounter between : an artist and a gallery, an artwort and an art lover... Artists will tell you "An artwork is created for someone, the rest is a matter of time"

The artist opens a window to the soul, he gives, shares, dreams or denounces in all sincerity. Free, he does not let go, and keeps creating for us, for himself. Essential interpreter, witness of time, he keeps on believing in the human being and speaks about it in all its forms.

Participating in national exhibitions since 2010 and international since 2012, confirm the reputation of the gallery. Very involved in the art market, the gallery is also present on Artsper and Artprice, leaders of online sale artworks.



Tél : 33 (0)5 56 30 42 64

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Bouillon d'art
37, rue Bouffard
33000 Bordeaux
Horaires : 11h-13h et 14h-19h du mardi au samedi

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